Our New Service Charge

Daily Bar and Grill American Food Lincoln Square

It’s Time for a Change.

It’s time for a change. The pandemic showed all of us how fragile our industry is as frontline workers in the hospitality business. We feel that depending on the generosity of customers for an income is an outdated form of compensation. While it helps restaurants display lower prices, it hides the true cost of employment.

During this pandemic, we are limited to outdoor seating and a capacity of 40 guests inside. At a reduced capacity, there is just not enough business to generate enough tips for front-of-house employees to earn a wage they can live on. Moreover, higher hourly wages translate into higher unemployment benefits. Many employees were laid off during the winter due to the pandemic. Unemployment benefits do not include gratuities.

As a result, we decided to increase our team’s wages to adjust for the discrepancy. And going forward, we are adding an 18% service charge to all bills. Adding the service charge helps cover some of the increases in the costs of running our business. This revenue helps us to pay our employees living wages and equalize the front of house (servers and bartenders) and back of house (kitchen). Employees now have stable, predictable income and are no longer dependent on tips for compensation.

There is no need to tip beyond the service charge. However, if you received exceptional service, gratuities are graciously accepted.


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